New Eden City Project 3-4)-(2) Truthful human relationship 봐봐요


…New Eden City Project 3-4)-(2)Truthful human relationship.To date, there has been no correct answer to the”Truthful human relationship”. It made human history dotted with war. The resultis abnormal climate and nuclear threat of Doomsday clock twominutes ago. Especially in Korea, after the resignation of President Park Geun-hye, “human nature and professionalism” is despised and “civic consciousness of asingle color in ridicule and reproach” is spreading likean epidemic. Thissionalisionalisitm, Thithite. of affairs that is not true such as “lie andirresponsibility, etc by unclear grounds.The resultis that everythingisturned into traged inted inty and rin. The answer to the truthis very simple and easy. Because “virtual desire” can make all humans happy Human instinctive survival competition is the source of tragedy and destruction. Instinctive survival competition has no wo wo dididididididi di di di di ono widrcivic conscivic conscious ness. The solution to this probleman instinctive infirman infirmige infress.ological evolution. Thisisis suction. Thisis suction. This of epolution. This of a This is a”truthful human relationship”that is different from the”truthful of a natural creature”Human truthful is only”0 and=”. The instinctive satisfaction by”self-sufficiency of agriculture”and the”in a calm leisure time”by instinctual satisfaction made”0 and=”. The human language world was created by”0 and=”. “0 and=”made Buddhism and zen.Buddhism’s”One Mind of 0″and Zen’s”=of Equality”teach the”truth and truthful”of a human using language.”0 and=”can only creatively enjoy life like a world like a novel and the human life like drama. Aconcrete solution to this problemis the New Eden City project”one’s own share of small-scale mandatory agriculture, human complete compulsory education, green space, commercial district.Only this method can create can colutsion of action of “repalsion” . Only in this way can we complete the “etiquette” of Confucianism..